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I'm a British-Bangladeshi Muslim, and I make sure to wear my identity proudly. Over the course of my professional career, I have worked on design solutions which promote diversity, inclusivity and above all do their part in challenging systemic prejudice

I studied BEng Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield and continue to attribute my technical and analytical skills to my undergraduate learnings. I recently graduated with a MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.


My design practice involves inclusive design with social impact on marginalised communities. I aim to continue working at the intersection of behavioural science, data, technology and social innovation.

When I'm not studying, I spend my time running my small business, Teecaake. The Teecaake brand currently spans multiple social media platforms including Instagram & TikTok, having amassed a following of 70,000+ people.

My art exemplifies many strong figures both in the media and in history that inspire me. As a female of South Asian origin, having grown up in a cities as vibrant as Manchester and Sheffield, now living in London, diversity and representation is extremely important to me. I aim for my art to convey my views and who I am, but above all inspire others.

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